Mission Statement

The mission of Deborah Walker Communications is to build a comprehensive marketing, public relations and communications network through radio, television, the Internet and multimedia resources, impacting local, national and international markets. Building on 20 years of experience in music, entertainment and media, Deborah Walker Enterprises represents a vast network of film and video producers, journalists and writers, radio personalities and music critics, record label executives and music promoters. Deborah Walker Communications is dedicated to helping its clients achieve their goals by providing innovative, successful communication strategies and the best in modern media services suited their unique needs, goals and objectives.

As a proven leader who has an extraordinary range of experience, Deborah Walker embraces the belief that superior media communications can only be as effective as the professionals who develop and implement them. Despite the profound changes brought about by personal computers, the Internet, the explosion of digital media during the past 20 years, Deborah’s personal belief and conviction has not changed. In fact, Deborah is adamant that issues of quality and professionalism have become even more important because of the glut of information available today and the complex economic, social and political environment faced by consumers and clients. Hence Deborah takes a high level of personal interest and care in ensuring that her client’s goals and objectives are achieved. She is committed to work with her clients at every stage of the marketing, public relations and production process, from analysis, evaluation and conceptualization to implementation.

“When Deborah Walker’s handling it, it’s a done deal…”